Photos from latest LOST cameras - send us your photos if you lost your camera

  • Canon PowerShot SX260HS
  • Author: fa5mac


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Did you lose your camera or SD card over the holidays? Or perhaps find somebody else’s camera? While eating out at a restaurant stumble across a lost SD card on a table?

Our website has a high success rate for reuniting cameras with their owners! We are number 1 in Google search results for lost & found cameras and SD cards!

We hope that you will find this website useful, and in turn please help us spread the word! The more people who know about this website the better your chances will be when you lose your camera!


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    Place a marker on the world and tell us your exact camera model, as well as if you are offering a reward.

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    Upload photos from the lost or found camera so that our users can do their best to recognize the people and/or photos.

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    Upon registering on our website you will also gain access to our forum. Any advert you post in the forum will appear on Google. Our website is normally the first search result that pops up on Google if the right keywords are used. Give it a try and you‘ll see at the top search result on Google.

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Good luck in your search, and visit regularly for new updates!



Photos from latest FOUND cameras - Please help us find the owners

  • Found in Verbier (CH)
  • Author: alloid
  • Found in Verbier (CH)
  • Author: alloid
  • New Zealand/ Samoa Siegfried Wagener
  • Author: sophierose
  • New Zealand/ Samoa Siegfried Wagener
  • Author: sophierose
  • New Zealand/ Samoa Siegfried Wagener
  • Author: sophierose
  • Found Alhambra, Granada, Spain
  • Author: jdejoin
  • Shangri-La Cebu Mactan Resort - camera found off Mactan, underwater
  • Author: flubber




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