I uploaded some photos but don't see them online?

All uploaded photos have to be approved by and will be online within 24 hours.


How can I contact other users?

If you want to contact other users, you have to register on our website (it's free and fast). From there, log in and goto the user's profile page you would like to contact and click on the button "Messages - Send Email".


I would like to return the SD Card with the photos anonymously through mail or anonymously upload the photos. How can I do this?

If (for any reason, its not important why) you would like to stay anonymous and return the photos (please consider that most of our users are only interested in getting back their photos, not the camera) we offer you two ways to send us the photos completely anonymously.

1.) Please send the SD card with the photos to following postbox in a normal letter:

Postfach 0005
1130 Vienna

2.) You can also upload the photos anonymously and for free with help of a file hosting service like and send us the file link here.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your Camerafound Premium Service subscription at anytime by yourself in your paypal account under "My Account - Profile Settings.