2013 Honeymoon Lost Lumix GF1 in Ko Tao Thailand or Train

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2013 Honeymoon Lost Lumix GF1 in Ko Tao Thailand or Train

Postby leighbird » 08 Jan 2019, 18:15

Hello! I just found this site and would LOVE if by some chance someone has my photos. I don't need the camera, just the photos and will pay a reward and shipping. All of them are of me and my husband traveling through SE Asia in Indonesia in Ubud, Lombok, and climbing Mt. Rinjani, motorcycles in Vietnam, Hoi Ann, and Halong Bay on the Junk boats, and finally in Thailand in Bangkok and Ko Tao where I believe it was lost. I either lost it on the train or in my first room in Ko Toa in a bungalow.... Photos of a lifetime :(

Camera was lost around September 2013
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