Lost Canon red PowerShot SX610HS

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Lost Canon red PowerShot SX610HS

Postby Moore1330 » 23 Mar 2018, 17:14

On march 13 2018 I was at vilano beach FL near St Augustine FL. When I went to leave I place Canon PowerShot SX 610 HS camera on roof near trunk and forgot I placed on roof and drove off I was around 330pm and was parked near the Hamptons inn and suites when I drove off and turned left onto bridge going back to town of st Augustine.then at red light which has park across the street from it turned right going toward the old mill train ride then turned left were old mill sits on left hand side onto state road 16 and continue on 16 to the diary queen and that was when realized camera was not there I tried going back to look for camera but couldn't find thecamera that has SD card in it it has pictures of kids fields bday parties holiday family picture if you have any information please call at 904-718-4421 about camera and SD card the SD card really mean a lot also it may have stayed on car and fell off on state Rd 16 going westbound before dairy Queen that is onleft hand of road before 1-95 intersection I really appreciate the help to be reunited with
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