Lost Nikon D3100 on Highway 24 in Colorado On a Lookout

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Lost Nikon D3100 on Highway 24 in Colorado On a Lookout

Postby nvuppu » 26 Nov 2019, 07:28

It was such a beautiful sight looking at mid plains coming out of the mountain ranges going north on CO highway 24 towards Hansel city. We were going from Garden Of Gods to Breckenridge, CO. Nothing can beat the beauty of the landscape. Unfortunately I put the camera on the side of Jeep and took some selfies with my cell phone. Didn't pick it up and drove off. With in 1/2 hour we were back at the location but couldn't find the camera. I couldn't stop the tears in my wife's son's eyes. Beautiful memories of that day and the days prior erased. Anyone that is in possession, please keep the camera as a reward. I just want the memory stick and we will remember your favor for ever. Thank you.
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