Lost Nikon P900 in Shanghai

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Lost Nikon P900 in Shanghai

Postby tdinsing » 16 Jan 2017, 16:16

Hi All,
If anyone knows anyone that visited Shanghai during January 13, and has any information or has heard any news of finding a camera please help.

On Friday 13 January, I left my camera inside a taxi along the Bund in Shanghai trying to get a ride back to my hotel at approx. 5 pm.

The camera is a Nikon Coolpix P900, and all of my Shanghai trip pictures were on that memory card. My family is so disappointed, and my daughter is very upset that her dad lost her camera.

Please share this news with anyone you know that visited the Shanghai during that time, and we would be very greatful and appreciative if you could contact me if you have any information on the location of the camera so we can discuss how to get it back please!!! I would at least like to get the memory card with all the photos returned as I can purchase a new camera but cannot replace the lost photos I will gladly pay a $100 finders fee.

Thanks! tdinsing

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