LUMIX DMCG5 lost 2018

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LUMIX DMCG5 lost 2018

Postby bettyblume » 03 Nov 2018, 08:51

Lost LumixDMCG5 about Oct 22 2018 in the USA. It should be in Chicago or Austin or on a plane to wherever it went. It is black in a black and probably red camera case. The battery was fully charged, the chip was almost full, possibly another chip in small zipper section. This is an older Lumix and won't go on windows 10.
It is complex to operate, so call or text, or email (whatever method this site uses) for help in identifying its mine. I doubt there were many others lost in this time frame. The chip may only have 1-2 hours left on it and has lots of family and good local concert videos. One of which most recently taken has the name of a local Cafe on the wall, which should pretty much confirm it is mine. Reward if all intact. Mention the gig size of the chip if you see it and that may help confirm mine. Also Ringo Starr in concert may be on it.
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