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Lost my camera at opposite end of globe and REUNITED!

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2016, 15:53
by roger
Daniel asked if I could post a success story, since this one has a happy ending.

I went on vacation to Australia a couple months ago, and all of my trip photos were on my digital camera. During the last day of my trip, I was sitting on a Sydney park bench, and I left my camera out. I forgot to take my camera with me as I walked off. I didn't realize until the very next morning that my camera was missing. I made my way back to the same bench, and the camera was already gone. There was no more time to go searching, as I had to catch my flight back home to the USA.

I posted an ad at the local online classifieds, but I had no responses or views.

After I had already accepted that I would never see my camera & photos again, I went on Google to look up "lost camera photo search" as it was recommended to me to trace by EXIF. I couldn't find any hits from this method, but that's when I accidentally stumbled onto

As I scrolled the FOUND PHOTOS section, I was SHOCKED to find a few of the photos I've taken! As it turns out, a good samaritan had recovered my camera the day I lost it, and after other attempts to find me, she had tried CameraFound.

I reached out to Daniel of CameraFound to help me get in touch.

I was reunited with my camera & photos yesterday, thanks to the finder's acts of kindness, Daniel, and CameraFound!